Keeping Children Safe

Here at All Saints’ we take Keeping Children Safe a priority, we do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Premises security – During the school day access to school is only via the Reception which has a security door, all external gates are locked between 08.45a.m and 2.55p.m

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  • All staff and volunteers are DBS (Disclosure and Barring) checked before being allowed to work with children
  • All staff receive Safeguarding training so that they know the signs to look for and the action to take (click here for Safeguarding Policy). The person with overall responsibility for Safeguarding at All Saints’ (the DSL – Designated Safeguarding Lead) is the Headteacher, Jane Trampnow. It may be helpful to parents to know that Headteachers are required to report any obvious or suspected cases of child abuse – which include non-accidental injury, severe physical neglect, emotional abuse and/or sexual abuse. This procedure is intended to protect children at risk and school are encouraged to take the IM We Support bannerattitude that where there are grounds for suspicion it is better to be safe than sorry. This does mean that Headteachers risk upsetting some parents by reporting a case, which on investigation proves unfounded. In such circumstances, it is hoped that parents, appreciating how difficult it is for Headteachers to carry out this delicate responsibility, would accept that the Headteacher was acting in what were believed to be the child’s best interests.
  • Internet or Online Safety – The School IT network has filtering in place, staff are trained to incorporate online safety into the children’s learning. We have also installed the Impero system of computer monitoring which can be used to detect any unauthorised use or any instances of online bullying. Each adult in school has agreed to our Acceptable Use policy as has every student (click here for Online Safety Policy).


In school we follow the CEOP
recommended SMART rules:

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There is a lot of help and guidance for parents available within a couple of clicks! We recommend you visit:




But the following guidance from
CEOP is a great start!:

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