The Wacky Snacky Club

wacky snacky club

At All Saints’ Primary School we are fortunate to have the facility of a before and after school club, the 'Wacky Snacky' Club! Here your children can be cared for in a friendly and safe environment. As well as the club being an asset to working parents, the club can also accommodate children on a more infrequent basis, allowing parents to have an hour or two free time.

The costs per session are as follows :

Breakfast 7.30am - 8.35am, £3.50 includes a light breakfast of toast or cereal and a drink.

Afternoon 3.00pm - 5.00pm, £7.00 includes a light tea, fruit and a drink.  We are willing to have children for any length of time between these hours at a reduced price:

£2 for a half-hour session or  any hour £3.75

We also offer places for care, after your child/children have finished after-school activities.

For more information about the club please see a member of club staff, in school or at the childcare building at rear of school, or telephone 01638 561617.

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